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150 SL

  • 유압식

  • 150SL는 최대 150kN까지 가능

  • 인장, 압축, 굴곡, 박리, 마찰, 관통, 전단, 파쇄, 파열, 미끄러짐, 습윤 등 다양한 시험 제공

  • 하중 정밀성 - 하중범위 0.2% - 100%내에서 0.2% 미만의 오차범위를 지닌 우수성

  • ASTM (E4, E83), ISO (7500-1, 9513), KS, BS, DIN, JIS 등 표준규격 만족 

​신율계 (extensometer)

각종 그립

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관련 영상

Tinius Olsen Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine - Features Explained

Tinius Olsen Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine - Features Explained

Tinius Olsen’s hydraulic testers have long been recognized as the standard for accuracy, dependability and versatility in universal testing machines. The many thousands of testers currently in use throughout the world attest to this fact. Now more than ever, the SL Series represents the highest standard in hydraulically powered universal testing machines. It features a patented dualpressure hydraulic loading system and a rugged four-column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity. In addition, it has a space-saving console with a smaller footprint and comfortable working height design. Tinius Olsen Hydraulic UTM Features: VERSATILE - Suitable for tension, compression, transverse, and other tests on materials and assemblies. RUGGED LOAD FRAME - Four-column construction provides exceptional load frame rigidity. CONFIGURABLE LOAD FRAME - The SL loadframes can be configured according to your application needs. These options include closed, semiopen or fully open crossheads, which can be either motorized or fixed. The top crosshead can also be made ‘adjustable’, meaning it can be raised or lowered on notched support columns. Additionally, the columns and drive screws can be lengthened in increments of 305mm (12in) by up to an additional 914mm (36in). HANDHELD WIRELESS INTERFACE - Two types of handheld machine controller interface are available. The first option is a wireless Bluetooth interface controller. VIRTUAL INTERFACE - The third type of controller interface is a virtual one and is depicted graphically on a computer screen. This application runs independently of our Horizon software but, if connected, works seamlessly with the software. HANDHELD TETHERED INTERFACE - The second controller interface is the tethered option, right, with larger buttons for machine and test control. This controller interface is better suited for operators who wear gloves as part of their testing protocol.
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